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The concept of a new settlement near Cambridge was first aired in 1986 when Cambridgeshire County Council published its consultation into the draft Structure Plan. Planning consent for the development was granted on 20th April 1994.

Nearly 20 years later and Cambourne is still some way from completion, but new residents continue to be welcomed every week and construction work continues in Upper Cambourne.

Since Cambourne was originally conceived national planning policy for housing development has placed greater emphasis of making the most efficient use of land, and requires higher minimum densities from new development. The Council therefore has proposed through its Site Specific Policies DPD that the remainder of Cambourne should be built to higher densities than was envisaged in the Masterplan. The Council proposes that the overall net density should be approximately 30 dwellings per hectare. The exact number of new dwellings would be established through detailed design work. The Council ran a consultation workshop with residents and interested bodies during March 2007.

In August 2007 an outline planning application for 950 additional homes was submitted to the Council. The Council requested a number of amendments to the application. These were submitted by the developers in May 2010. The extra houses were approved in 2011.

Cambourne consists of 3 villages, Great Cambourne, Lower Cambourne and Upper Cambourne.

Full story of Cambourne

The full story of Cambourne has a highly detailed account. Be sure to settle down with a tea or coffee and find out how Cambourne developed..